10 Tips to Make a Killer Infographic


Keep it simple - One of the advantages of using infographics is that they can condense advanced ideas into a simple visual form.

Keep it focused - Don't make your infographic a mix of fact and figures, make it streamlined and focused on a single topic.

Know your target audience - Figure out what your audience wants and keep it specific, relevant and targeted.

Balance between info and graphics - Infographics need a good balance of both visual information and written information.

Use social media to promote it - Make your infographic shareable, ask people to share it.

Make it easy to view across platforms - Make sure the smallest font on your infographic can be easily read.

Don't make it too big - You run the risk of losing the reader's attention if your infographic goes on forever.

Create a killer headline - If you don't have a powerful headline you infographic won't get viewed. 70 characters or less in a good length.

Focus on the flow - An infographic is like a good story. It has the ability to convey an idea by taking you from one phase to another, sequentially and seamlessly.

Check your facts and figures - Make sure your information is coming from reliable sources.


Information obtained from: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/12-infographic-tips/

Infographic created by: Greenwood Creative Print for CNIB