Printed Banners

What is a printed banner and do I really need one? Banners are essentially a way of communicating information in a large, eye-catching medium. They come in many sizes and usually contain a combination of graphics, logos, photos and text. If you need to communicate a brand, a sale, an idea, or a promotion then you probably need a banner.

Most banners are printed on digital, large-format inkjet printers. Rolls of material, vinyl for example, are loaded onto the large-format printer and through the magic of well-designed artwork and a computer connection a banner is created!


Different types of Banners

Outdoor Banner Signs  – These are typically the kind you see that inform or advertise something. An example is a “Now Open” Banner that hangs across the top of a storefront. Often these types of signs come with grommets to help with securing it to a fixed structure. This type of banner can be attached to a fence, an exterior of a building, or hung from the ceiling - the options are endless. Outdoor banners  are usually printed on 13oz vinyl material for durability, but mesh is also an option as well.

Uses for exterior and interior vinyl banners may include: grand openings, events, tradeshows and conferences, high school gyms and sports teams, outdoor advertising signs, parties, reunions, now-hiring signs, parades, street signs, city events, and holidays.

Pull-up Banner Signs – Are used in stores as POP displays (point of purchase), trade shows, exhibitions, in the lobbies of sports facilities, and many of the same uses as exterior vinyl banners as listed above. A major difference with a pull-up banner is its portability and ease of installation and dismantling (just a few minutes). If you need a versatile banner then pull-up banners are the way to go.