Printer's Tool

Paddy Wagon still going strong!


Everything moves so fast these days. Technology is hard to keep up with. The printing and graphic design business is no different. Every month there's a piece of software or equipment that will speed things up, simplify our lives, or make us more money (or so they say!)

...and then there's the "Paddy Wagon"! An older piece of technology that keeps on ticking, a relic from the past that still does the job.


Introducing the Xerox Colour J75 Press


I know not everyone gets as giddy as us at the thought of a new colour press so let me share with you just one little improvement among many that this beauty boasts.

Let's talk, "spectrophotometer"....this is at the heart of the J75's colour management system. It improves colour stability and accuracy, and repeatability. The advanced destination profiling creates better results in neutrals, shadows, highlight detail and photo rendering. 

In the printing and graphics business, consistently vibrant images are essential. The J75 delivers our products with outstanding colour accuracy that match industry colour standards. 


A Printer's Tool


Printing has been a part of our family for over 50 years. There's no doubt about it, technology has changed our business and as new items are acquired old ones are forgotten and eventually fade away. But every once in awhile something pops up from the past. This small little item has travelled through the years from Montreal in the 1960's to Greenwood Tamad Inc. in 2014! A little beaten up, definitely well used.

Can you guess what this is?